10 Chaikin Stock Hot Lists: Identify the Winners and Save Hours of Time


What if you could get a list of just stocks with the highest potential to outperform?

Good news! Now you can.

Here’s a list of those stocks and some of the other Chaikin Stock Hot Lists, that can help you pinpoint stock ideas:

  1. Oversold Buys: Where you can pick up great Bullish stocks at a discount
  2. Momentum Breakdowns: Short traders, check here for ideas on stocks about to plummet
  3. All Bullish & Very Bullish stocks with a buy signal active today: Sorted from most Bullish by default
  4. Turned Bullish This Week: When confirmed with other indicators, this could be a good opportunity to buy a stock before it moves up
  5. Insider Activity Gainers: Stocks with bullish Insider Activity: What do they know?
  6. Upcoming Earnings: Stocks that are reporting this week – Great source for those who like to trade before a company reports earnings, to take advantage of a potential price move
  7. Canadian Interlisted: New! Canadian stocks
  8. ETFs – Top 100: ETF traders, go here: the top 100 ETFs by volume
  9. Dividend Champs: Stocks with a recent history of high dividend yields
  10. Chaikin Recent Bulls/Bears: Stocks recently mentioned in Chaikin Market Insights (hint: read the report to find out what was said!)

For more information on using these or any of the Chaikin Hot Stock Lists, register for one of our upcoming webinars.