OptionsPlay Q&A With Customer Success Manager Joe: Easily Trade Options With Higher Probability Using OptionsPlay for Chaikin Analytics


With new Chaikin – OptionsPlay integration launching Saturday, October 10th, 2015, here’s some quick insights with Chaikin Customer Success Manager, Joe, who’s already given it a test drive.  

Find out how this new feature will change the way Chaikin Analytics subscribers trade options, making it easy to place high-probability options strategies quickly and all in one place.

Easily trade options with OptionsPlay

OptionsPlay for Chaikin Analytics

How can Chaikin Analytics help subscribers find good options candidates?

Finding the right stock to trade options on begins with our Chaikin Approach. For guidelines on choosing high-probability stock ideas, and improving entry and exit timing, read our Finding Longs and Shorts article, which you can access from our Resources page.

How can Chaikin Analytics help options traders know whether to set an overall Bullish or Bearish market orientation?

To determine whether the market is in a strongly bullish or bearish condition and ripe for trading, refer to the SPY in Chaikin Analytics. How many bullish stocks are there compared bearish? Is the SPY in a clearly oversold or overbought condition? For historical context, be sure to refer to Market Insights and Morning Insights newsletters for research from Marc Chaikin & John Schlitz.

How can Chaikin help options traders better time their trades?

Once you’ve identified a stock that is trending in a strongly bullish or bearish direction, our technical charts, including Chaikin Money Flow, Overbought/Oversold oscillator, and Relative Strength indicators help you determine whether or not a stock is at its tail-end of a short-term swing rally.

October is Q3 earnings season for many companies. How can options traders take advantage of volatility around earnings season?

Trading on earnings is your opportunity to double-down on returns. This can be a double-edged sword though, as you need to ensure that the stock you’re trading on has a strong likelihood of having a positive or negative impact when it reports. See our Earnings Hot Lists, found under Chaikin Hot Lists for potential candidates when trade options.

How can options traders incorporate other existing research report tools like Chaikin Power Gauge Reports and Portfolio Health Check into their strategy?

Piggy-backing on the previous question, try running a Portfolio Health Check report on any one of the Hot Lists mentioned above. This will bring you up to speed on any stocks that have recently changed Power Gauge Ratings, was a top- or bottom-performer in the previous week, and whether it is reporting earnings this week. 

Which OptionsPlay features are you most excited about?

The ability to compare multiple options strategies side-by-side is without a doubt the greatest benefit of the program. With OptionsPlay, you don’t have to scan through complicated options chains. The app suggests a few high probability options for you based on an overall Bullish or Bearish sentiment about the stock, which is Chaikin’s core strength. The sentiment is set automatically, and can be adjusted by the trader.