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Product Review: Chaikin Analytics

by Barbara Star, PhD

August 2016


How tPAM Private Asset Managemento Find Great Stocks in a Market Selloff

Sandy Chaikin, Private Asset Management

March 8, 2016



Mike Hogan, Barron’s
January 30, 2016



By Sandy Chaikin

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Marc’s Weekly Outlook

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What Our Customers are Saying about Chaikin Analytics

I am a True Believer!

“OMG. As you suggested bought some MYL 2 days ago and added to my position with Relative Strength signal first thing this am. Already up 15%. I am a True Believer!”
—Anne G 4/8/15

$5,000 in Less than Two Weeks

“I made $5,000 in less than two weeks on the strength of your recommendation to buy NXP Semiconductors (NXPI).” —MB 3/14/15

A Quick $21,500 Profit.

“Using the Upcoming Earnings Ideas in Chaikin Analytics, Netflix had a very Bearish rating… bought 3 put contracts before earnings on 10/15 for $22.20 and sold the day after earnings for $93.90. A quick $21,500 profit.” – JV


“I am thrilled that I got the heads up to go long SWKS before earnings the first week I subscribed to the service. That trade paid for my entire yearly subscription. Thanks and I want to compliment you on how user friendly your App is.” – PH

5 for 5!

“Amazing results! LULU, AA, SWKS, NOW, DWRE. I just closed out DWRE for 14% profit this morning. There are so many so-called experts selling their stock trading ideas on the web, it’s really nice to team up with some honest, ethical people. Thank you for your solid advice.” – RM

I Made 3x My Subscription Price

“I have to tell you… Marc sent out that emergency Market Insights Report on Oct. 9th warning investors to stand down. I took a put on SPY. I got out and made 3x my subscription price.” – CS

Not Enough Time

“I am an individual investor and trader. There is not enough time in my day to do the work Chaikin Analytics puts before me in minutes. I am ‘wowed’. And yes, you can quote me on that.” ‒ Cheryl, California, Chaikin Analytics Subscriber

You Pick the Winners

“You keep picking winners like this and you can post anything you want [from me]! There are so many con artists selling their stock trading ideas on the web, it’s really nice to team up with some honest, ethical people. Thanks for your guidance.”‒ RM


What the Media is Saying about Analytics

“Refiners and Insurers Flashing Green, Internets Showing Sell Signs”

—, 7/8/15


Jim Cramer, CNBC Mad Money 4/7/15 —

“Bob Lang recommends looking at Chaikin Money Flow created by famous analyst and entrepreneur Marc Chaikin…”



Financially Fearless Radio Program with Sandy Chaikin

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In previous weeks, Sandy interviewed industry experts and thought-leaders who shared her passion to help women gain confidence and become fearless financial decision-makers.


gayle-carson-newsSandy Chaikin interviewed by Dr. Gayle Carson on “Women and Power” Radio

Listen to Interview >>


SWNJC am radioandy and Marc on How to Find Winning Stocks

WNJC 1360AM Philadelphia

January 14, 2016

pba-logoSOB Network hosts Sandy Chaikin ‘Financially Fearless’ podcast
Pennsylvania Business Daily Reports
December 19, 2015


glasshammer-logoIntrepid Women: Sandy Chaikin of Chaikin Analytics
Jessica Titlebaum,
December 18, 2015

waters-tech-logoFirst Trust, Chaikin Analytics Partner on New Offering
Timothy Bourgaize Murray, Waters Technology
December 10, 2015

AIMktsA Few Minutes With Sandy Chaikin
AIMkts Editors, Accredited Investor Markets (AIMkts)
August 4, 2015


How One Woman Began Picking Her Own Stocks After 60
Juliette Fairley, Next Avenue – Forbes Contributor
September 13, 2015


Q&A With Chaikin Analytics’ Sandy Chaikin
Mary Chung, Smash Street Media
July 30, 2015


Why I Use Chaikin Analytics
Bob Lang,
June 24, 2015


Investor market watch: What Apple might buy next
Kate Gibson, special to
March 9, 2015

TechnicallyPhillyStock market software firm Chaikin Analytics raising $5M
Juliana Reyes, Philly
January, 2015

stocktradingtogo-12-5-14Chaikin Power Tools Review

Overall, I give the Chaikin suite of tools a 4.5 star rating. Luckily for traders, Marc Chaikin and his team have made conducting institutional grade analysis as simple as typing in a ticker and hitting the enter key. Leveling the playing field between institutions and individual investors is no easy task, but Marc manages to pull it off in affordable fashion.” Read More >>

Blain Reinkensmeyer,
December, 2014

ta-logo-9-17-14Technical Analysis Stocks & CommoditiesOctober, 2014Chaikin Analytics Product Review by Barbara Star, PhD“…offered on an attractive and efficiently designed computer display that makes information easily available … Subscribers seeking new trading leads will find an abundance of them in the Chaikin Hot Lists … The results enable traders to spot areas of strengths and weakness quickly … a valuable asset that enables subscribers to zero in on profitable trading and investment opportunities, quickly and easily.”

TA Subscribers

Non-Subscribers, contact Customer Service


Press Releases and Case Studies

cnbc-news-aboutChaikin Analytics and optionMONSTER® Host “Women, Wealth and Empowerment” January 14, 2016

December 17, 2015

marketwatch-logo-2Sandy Chaikin of Chaikin Analytics Joins Dr. Gayle Carson’s Network as Host of “Financially Fearless”

December 15, 2015

marketwatch-logo-2First Trust Portfolios Launches the Chaikin Low Beta Growth Unit Investment Trust

December 9, 2015

marketwatch-logo-2Chaikin Analytics Relocates to Philadelphia to Expand Software Development and Quantitative Research Teams

November 18, 2015

marketwatch-logo-2Chaikin Analytics Adds Stock Screener to Stock Research Platform

November 11, 2015

prnewswire62215Chaikin Analytics Adds OptionsPlay Ideas to Stock Research Platform

October 15, 2015

prnewswire62215Chaikin Analytics to Host ‘From Novice To Knowledgeable’ Webinar Summer Series

June 16, 2015

nasdaq-new-logo-200Nasdaq Chaikin Power Indexes Outperform Nasdaq Benchmarks. Three Indexes exceed benchmarks by over 50%

April 28, 2015

prnewswire62215Chaikin Launches Webinar Series for Self-Directed Investors

June 2, 2014

prnewswire62215Chaikin Analytics Upgrades iPad and Desktop Workstation to Include ETFs

February 11, 2014


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