OptionsPlay is now integrated with Chaikin Analytics to make creating high probability options strategies easier. OptionsPlay is included in every Chaikin Analytics subscription at no additional cost. Subscribe Now.

Visual, Easy-to-Read Displays

Toggle through 5 visual and interactive panels to help you find and fine-tune your strategy.

For All Skill Levels

Easy to understand displays, for novices to experts. Create a high-probability options strategy, even if you have no prior experience. Use the “Plain English” panel, sort through over 40 different strategies or customize your own by setting parameters.

Everything You Need in One Place

OptionsPlay automatically suggests optimal options plays on any stock and generates a ticket you can input on your broker’s platform to execute the trade.

Trade Smarter, with Less Risk

Instantly compare risk/reward and probability of success, or set your own investment or risk limitations and find the options play to match.