Using Chaikin Analytics to find investment ideas is now easier than ever with the new Chaikin Stock Screener. Quickly screen for the factors and indicators you use to evaluate a stock, and use the Chaikin Power Gauge in combination with your investment strategy for powerful stock ideas.

Start with a Stock Universe

Start from a “stock universe” like the Russell 3000, S&P 500, or choose from industries and sectors (or simply select “Strong Industries” or “Weak Industries”).

Why it’s So Powerful: Use the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating in Multiple Ways

A key feature of the Chaikin Stock Screener is that you can screen for stocks with an overall Chaikin Power Gauge rating (such as “Very Bullish”) and screen for any one of the 20 factors that make up the overall rating.  Add filters like “Turned Bullish/Bearish This Week” or use more specific filters like “Bullish/Bearish Persistency,” “Not Very Bullish/Very Bearish,” and more.

Drill Into the 20 Factors within Financials, Earnings, Technicals, and Experts

Filter for any of the 20 factors that make up the Chaikin Power Gauge. This means screening by factors like price to sales, earnings growth, short interest, and much more, on a scale ranging from Very Strong to Very Weak.

Find Opportunities to Match Your Investing Style Using Performance, Technicals, and Fundamentals

Filter stocks by performance to return only stocks with a positive or negative historic price return and relative strength to the S&P 500. Screen by technical factors like Chaikin Money Flow, price level, and volume. Plus, screen for fundamentals like growth vs. value stocks, dividend yield, and earnings date.

Capitalize on Timing Using Signals and Alerts

The Signals and Alerts filter lets you screen for stocks recently showing any one of the 6 pairs of Chaikin Buy and Sell signals.

Last Step: Sorting the Results

Once you return your results, you can still sort them by criteria like Chaikin Power Gauge rating, Chaikin Buy/Sell signals, and percent gain/loss, and more, to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.